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Navigating the maze of commercial and governmental reimbursements has never been more complex. And with recent changes in private and corporate insurance plans, maximizing self-pay revenues has become a major factor in your success. MedCycle Management has the expertise, the technology, and the resources to ensure that you receive timely, accurate payment for the care you provide.


“I can recommend Jim and his team without reservations. I  am confident that they will establish productive relationships with your staff and patients.”
– System CFO, Louisiana
“I have been consistently impressed with their communication and performance in every engagement and really appreciate their client focused approach.”


CFO, South East Hospital Group
“I am proud to be associated with you all and look forward to a continued strong working relationship.”


System Business Office Manager, TX

Total Self-Pay Outsourcing

Self-pay account resolution is one of the more difficult jobs for an in-house revenue cycle operation.  We at MedCycle Management are experts at improving self-pay results, which is an ever-growing need. We handle patients as you would while using technology, rigorous processes and deep expertise to get better results. 

Our patient-liability team works hard to extend the quality of care you offer your patients throughout the account resolution process. We provide compassionate customer service every step of the way and offer solutions designed to expedite cash flow and reduce bad debt.

  • Our workflows are process-driven and customer-focused.  We use dedicated staffing to match your internal policies, procedures and requirements with on-site support.
  • Our stratified workflow is based on multiple criteria to ensure maximum coverage
  • The use of multiple dialer technologies. i.e. auto or predictive dialer campaigns are designed to fit a program for optimum results.
  • We operate within customer-defined hours of nights and weekends to maximize contacts made.
  • Communication is seamless and MedCycle is invisible to patients and payers.             
  • We provide statement and letter generation and management
  • We have deployed Predictive Dialer technology to maximize both inbound and outbound campaigns.
  • We combine technology with process-driven protocols to maximize collection efforts by financial class, balance, propensity to pay and other parameters.
  • Our customizable systems are used to manage workflow in conjunction with the simultaneous utilization of client system(s) to ensure access to 100% of needed data.
  • Staff members are 100% dedicated to you to ensure maximum knowledge about you and your patients’ needs and to promote seamless work with you.
  • Our White Glove approach to treating patients as you would have us provides improved public relations and helps ensure patients will return if they need care.
  • Integrated voice support
  • Ability to both text and email

Commercial/Government Payers

Our dedicated team of account resolution specialists have decades of experience meeting the unique demands of commercial and government payers, including Medicare, Medicaid, HMOs, and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchanges. Our automated workflows, coupled with our unmatched expertise in denials management, help to expedite follow-up and assure accurate, thorough, and timely reimbursement.

  • Our workflows are process-driven and customer-focused. We use dedicated staffing to match your internal policies, procedures and requirements. We provide on-site support to free you and your staff from account responsibility.
  • We use performance analytics/measurements and incentives to keep our employees motivated and operating and peak efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We communicate seamlessly, in your name, to address patients and payers on your behalf.
  • We dedicate specialized individuals to each client based on types of claims worked.
  • We design programs by age, financial class and balance to guarantee focus on the claims determined to need priority attention to maximize recovery and improve public relations.
  • Our protocols are process-driven to maximize collection efforts
  • Our customizable systems are used to manage workflow in conjunction with the simultaneous utilization of client system(s) to ensure access to 100% of needed data


Our Unique Approach

We combine a rigorous set of standards regarding our people, our processes and the technology that we deploy.  That combination helps make certain we are hiring the right people; giving them the right job; encouraging and motivating them to do that job right and providing them the best technology to assist with their work. In addition, we use an innovative approach to make certain that management is properly integrated at all levels for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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