An Outstanding Reimbursement Partner

Value-Add Mindset


Our mindset at MedCycle Management is to do all that we can to add value to our clients and perform in a way that improves them. Nobody knows your patients, or serves your community, as well as you do. And a primary reason for that is the team you’ve carefully assembled and trained. 

At MedCycle Management, we understand that. We don’t attempt to embed ourselves in your operation and seek to replace current team members. Our approach is to supplement their efforts, freeing them to do their work more efficiently. All communications are done in your name, with the utmost sensitivity to privacy and patient satisfaction.

 With that in mind, we’ve built an extraordinary team of billing and follow-up experts in self-pay, commercial and government account resolution. Each member of our leadership team is intimately involved in establishing and delivering solutions for our customers. In fact, your account is directly managed by principals in our organization, who understand that your success is crucial to our own.


“MedCycle blew away the competition. As an extension of our business office, they continue to treat our patients with dignity and respect while almost doubling recoveries compared to our previous vendor.”

Director PFS, TN

“Most importantly, I have seen the difference working with a company that is 100% healthcare focused.  Having self pay staff that understands the basics of insurance programs has been essential in maximizing our initiatives.”


Director PFS, Florida Hospital System

“On behalf of Leadership and the patients that you work with each day…thank you!”


System Vice President Revenue Cycle

What Sets Us Apart

MedCycle Management is 100% healthcare focused.  That enables us to have deep expertise and a special understanding of how to handle any of the services we provide our clients. And we specialize in only 3 areas which keeps us more focused and thus more knowledgeable and experienced in those tasks.  Our services include:


  • Self-pay account resolution – Weuse experienced people and excellent technology and combine them with compassion for your patients to achieve outstanding results for you.
  • System conversion support – Wecollect old A/R that may slip through the cracks or be nearing timely filing limits to get you paid more of what is owed to you. If you are converting to a new system or simply falling behind, we can help you focus on the new environment without worry of your existing system work being ignored.
  • Specialized staff augmentation – We provide outstanding resources to help you fillgaps and catch up on work that is difficult, aging or where you have a shortage of resources.

We have deployed an aggressive use of technology, with high end auto dialing capabilities and other technology to implement adaptive processes that include 100% remote service delivery when working from home is the only option. We have been adapting to change for years so if a crisis comes there is minimal business interruption

There is no influence from outside investors who don’t understand our business and our customers.  All owners at MedCycle Management are involved in the company and have a deep understanding of the operation. There is no need for us to compromise to satisfy the interests of outsiders, only the interests of our clients.

We customize every process 100% to meet your specific requirements.  Everyone does things differently and we accommodate that.  It is not a “one size fits all” operation. We operate as an extension of your business office so that we appear to be part of your employee base with absolutely no visibility of MedCycle to your patients or payers. We will not only work to get you paid what is owed you, but we will treat your patients in a way to help ensure your patient engagement scores remain high.

At MedCycle Management our policy and practice are to always be totally transparent with hospital leadership.  We will never attempt to hide anything from you.  Whatever challenges we encounter, you will know about.  Whatever great finds we make, you will also know about those.

Our Unique Approach

We combine a rigorous set of standards regarding our people, our processes and the technology that we deploy.  That combination helps make certain we are hiring the right people; giving them the right job; encouraging and motivating them to do that job right and providing them the best technology to assist with their work. In addition, we use an innovative approach to make certain that management is properly integrated at all levels for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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