System Conversion Protection Support

Ensure your operation stays on track.


System conversions have the potential to cause serious disruption to your billing and reimbursement operation.  When staffs become spread too thin there will be mistakes made, work left undone and opportunities missed. Throughout your system migration, our conversion team maintains thorough and consistent resolution on your existing accounts. Our multiple-system expertise assures that your legacy collections are being managed effectively. Your team’s focus can be appropriately placed on implementing your new technology.


We often assume a greater role as our clients get closer to go live. A typical program lasts from 90 days prior to go live if we take over all assigned accounts over 90 days of age; at 60 days prior to go live we take all aged accounts 60 days and older, and at 30 days prior to go live we take accounts aged 30 days and older. Then at go live we take the remaining accounts from the legacy system. This service allows your staff to be adequately trained on the new system and not have to work in two different platforms. The result is the prevention of cash loss and the highest level of performance for you and your patients.

Minimize Risk

We provide you peace of mind that your risks are minimized, and your resources properly utilized during this pivotal time.

Flexible Technology

Your legacy accounts may be worked exclusively within your host system or in our Artiva system, depending on your conversion process.

Al a Cart Account Support

We will work all accounts for you, or you can choose support based on age, balance and payer.


Migration Safety Net

An on-going safety net is provided until your system migration is complete and you choose to continue independently.

Ready To Learn More?

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